Financial Fairy Tales is a financial agency that assist consumers all over the US with Credit Restoration, Financial, Education, Debt Management & Financial coaching.

Our services are; but not limited to Credit Restoration, Debt Management, Financial Coaching, and Small business start up assistance.

Having bad credit can cost you! You’ll pay higher interest fees for a car loan, mortgage, and for each credit card you use - IF you’re approved in the first place.


But did you know that having bad credit can also jeopardize your future earning potential? More than half of today’s major companies are using background checks in their pre-employment screenings, especially for military clearances. With your permission, a potential employer can check your credit history as part of the job application and decision making process. WHAT WILL YOUR CREDIT REPORT SAY ABOUT YOU? The credit experts at Financial Fairy Tales can help.


We don’t believe a bad credit report should define who you are or prevent you from achieving your goals, especially if it’s based on erroneous, inaccurate, or out-dated payment information. WITH OUR HELP, YOUR CREDIT REPORT WILL REFLECT THE REAL YOU.

We are literally a one stop shop for all of your financial needs.

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Credit Restoration

Credit restoration is a way to “repair” or delete some of your bad credit history to improve your overall credit score. This is done by disputing the information on your credit report. Through the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you have the legal right to dispute any information on your report. Then, the credit reporting agencies and your creditors have 30 days to investigate and either verify it as correct or remove the disputed marks until they can be verified.

We will work to remove inaccurate, erroneous and questionable items from your credit file.

Financial Education

We provide financial literacy to educate our client’s to help them improve their confidence, sentiment and make better financial decisions. Our goal is to help our clients MANIFEST their financial goals and ELEVATE to new levels.

Financial Fairy Tales is a financial agency that assist consumers all over the US with financial education and debt management

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